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PocketKobo is open source software and has been released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.


You need either a Pocket PC 2002 or a Pocket PC 3.0 which is supported by the Microsoft Game API (GAPI) 1.2. If you get an error message telling you that not all libraries were available, then obtain gx.dll from Microsoft's web site and copy it either into your device's \Windows directory or the \Program Files\Games\PocketKobo directory.


You can download precompiled versions from the Project homepage. These are CAB files for ARM, MIPS, and SH3 meant to install directly on your Pocket PC: Download to your device and click the CAB from the file explorer to start installation. To remove, use the control panel.

The following platforms have been reported to work. Please send me an email using the link included in this page's address line if you have any addition to make to this list.

Toshiba e570ARM

Source Download

The PocketKobo project is hosted on SourceForge. See the Project homepage for instructions on to get the source. You are welcome to contribute!

Leif Kornstaedt, Sun Aug 10 09:31:14 2008